My photography-based artworks are carefully constructed self-portraits in which I transform myself into various characters. They range from existing characters such as Alice from Alice in Wonderland to complete fabrications and are tools to offer a window into my own experiences with mental health disorders and perception of self. I create imagery that both people who have first-hand experience with mental health issues, and those who do not, can comprehend.

My creative process involves selecting or creating a character that I believe will best represent the issue I am planning to portray and then develop a clear idea of what I would like the image to look like compositionally before I begin my photoshoots. Outfits, makeup and props are sourced in order to bring that role to life. While in front of the camera I play with different facial expressions and positioning of the body to achieve the image as closely as possible to what I had envisioned.

The current images of myself as Alice are displayed in 11x17” lightboxes - my metaphorical way of offering a small window into and shining a light on what goes on in my mind. They are intentionally made to be an odd size as is reflective of my odd personality and views of the world.
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