The objects in this image are all what can be called identity markers. 
Identity markers, put simply, are places, objects or relationships that help define who we are. They are our ways of making deposits outside of the body. They are the sorts of things that people hold on to after a loved one dies. 
For this image, I asked people close to me what objects first come to mind when they think of me, and what objects spark a memory of me. I also asked what objects of my own they would want to keep if I were to pass away. 
It’s interesting that most objects in this image are from people’s earliest most significant memories of me. 
The Reason for each object:
The baby shoes in the front and the brown dog in the back are my mom’s answers, both significant to my early childhood. 
The laptop, is mine from elementary school that me and my friend Erika used to film videos on. 
My oldest friend Anne-marie said Rockband because we used to play it every weekend together when we first met. She also said my crocheted Dobby because both her and I love it.  
The skull I made in high school I made around the time I first started talking to my best friend Tyler, so that was the first object he thought of. 
My boyfriend said my Batman sweater because I wore it the night he really felt like he got to know me. 
My sister thinks of me whenever she sees skulls or roses. 
My dad wouldn’t give an answer because he doesn’t believe in holding onto objects as a positive way of remembering people.
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